The February 6 Earthquake: The Ataturk Dam’s effect and the ethnic conflict in the country

There are two points I will focus on in this article: first, the nature of the earthquake and the impact of the Ataturk Dam in this context according to some experts, and second, the Kurdish question and the Turkish ethnic cleansing policy as relates to the earthquake

Why Trump was a catastrophe for the Kurds

Between August 2016 and March 2017, Turkey actually conquered a large area west of the Euphrates River. The following January, Turkey attacked the Kurdish city of Afrin inside the Syrian border. The United States could have stopped the Turks but did nothing, while other Western countries reacted passively to the invasion. It was an attack […]

?Hvorfor angriber Tyrkiet kurderne i Rojava

For det første kunne Tyrkiet ikke tåle den frihed som kurderne fik, for Tyrkiet er i mod enhver form for kurdisk slevstyre i Rojava. Tyrkiet har et stort kurdisk mindretal som nægter at anerkende deres kulturelle og politiske rettigheder, og et nyt kurdisk selvstyre ved den sydlige grænse ville ikke hjælpe Tyrkiets afvisende politik vedrørende […]

?Why does Turkey attack the Kurds

Turkey abhors the decentralized multi-ethnic rule in Rojava for nationalist, religious, and ideological reasons. First, Turkey could not tolerate the freedom of the Kurds, because Turkey is opposed to any kind of Kurdish rule in Rojava. Turkey has a large Kurdish minority, whose cultural and political rights the government refuses to recognize, and a new […]

?Should the West also accept the cleansing of the Kurds in Rojava

The Western countries have to do something about the crisis and prevent the disaster, otherwise it is about unprecedented betrayal. That’s because there are hundreds of thousands of lives at stake. It is the Kurds, as an ethnic minority, who are on the brink of purging in Rojava.

?Skal Vesten også acceptere udrensning af Kurderne i Rojava

Det er et faktum, at Tyrkiet invaderer et andet land, oprette en sikkerhedszone i et andet land, og udrenser uønskede folkegrupper. Tyrkiet begår dermed forbrydelse mod menneskeheden og det er overtrædelser af internationale konventioner og menneskerettighederne.  Men det siger ud til, at det er tilladt når det drejer sig om et NATO land.

The Controversial Kurdistan Referendum: The Dirty Game in the Name of National Interest

The referendum destroyed the weak opposition, and the dynamo of the demands for political change. The people’s hope for the democratization of the political system vanished, and now no one talked about it. Finally the case of the Kurdish independence was severely weakened.

A special tribunal for prosecution of the ISIS perpetrators is a necessity

After US President Donald Trump asked Western countries to bring their ISIS prisoners (members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) home, there has been hot discussion on this issue. There are several ideas and opinions about what is correct or wrong in this case. Some believe that ISIS prisoners who are European citizens […]

En speciel domstol til retsforfølgelse af ISIS fanger

Ofrene for ISIS-krigernes forbrydelser bliver glemt i debatten om, hvor de skal retsforfølges. Det er desværre ikke retfærdighed for ofrene, der er i fokus i sagen om ISIS-krigerne. I stedet for at diskutere om de skal til Danmark, bør vi arbejde for, at de retsforfølges efter folkedrabskonventionen, skriver Shakhawan Shorash i dette debatindlæg Information, 14. […]

How the West can protect the unique Kurdish experiment

After the revolt in Syria in 2011, the Kurds managed to control the Kurdish territory (Rojawa) and keep it out of the internal ethnic war in Syria. They then established a form of self-rule entities (Cantons) under the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. Under the new revolutionary constitution, the Kurds empathized with minority rights, gender […]

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