The political crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan and the absence of a democratic solution

Democracy can indeed solve the internal conflict in Iraqi Kurdistan, but democracy cannot exist while the people suffer under the control of the party-militia institutions. Democratization cannot be realized without the liberation of the people from the clutches of the ruling political party. Consequently, the disarmament of the ruling political parties and elimination of the [...]

International terrorism and the threat of genocide: A new dimension of genocide study

We had never seen an international terrorist organization commit the organized and systematic killing of a definite religious minority in a specific territory, with the intent to destroy, until the attacks on the Kurdish Ezidis in the Shengal area, committed by jihadists belonging to the Islamic State (IS), on August 3, 2014, and over the [...]

Turkey´s double standard policy toward the Kurds

the IS jihadists attacked the Ezidi ethnic minority in the city of Shengal and the surrounding villages and committed crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the innocent Ezidi people. Turkey did not act and did not even condemn the crimes. Turkey did not send aid or supplies to the hungry Ezidi refugees who were [...]

Kobani: IS attack and Turkish national interests

IS’s recent comprehensive attack on the key Kurdish city of Kobani is also in Turkey’s direct national interests. Occupation of this city would meet a vital aim of Turkey, as Kobani is a key strategic city in the heart of the Kurdish self-rule territory. Turkey can choose to intervene with its own army to occupy [...]

A sufficient defensive power is a neglected Kurdish right

The military support to the Kurds must contain all of the defensive aspects that a sufficient and modern defensive power needs. However, the collapse of the Kurdish forces in the Shengal area was not only due to ineffective defensive weapons, it was also due to corruption inside their forces, which were untrained, militia market forces. [...]

The Shengal Tragedy and the Threat of Genocide

Hundreds of them have been killed during the occupation, and several hundred families were captured. Men and boys were killed, and women and girls were treated as war slaves. Several Ezidi temples have been burned and bombed by the terrorists. Many Ezidi elderly and children have died of thirst and hunger. Due to the lack [...]

Iraq in chaos: Time to face reality

In the past, Iraq existed only by force, and the result of this imposed community has been years of internal conflict and war that culminated in crimes against humanity and genocide. Iraq cannot continue to exist as a united country if the aspirations of the main ethnic groups are marginalized. When ethnic groups cannot live [...]

The Iraqi syndrome and the options for peace

The brutal violence among the ethnic groups and the obvious division between the Kurdish north, Sunni triangle and Shia south are good reasons for partitioning Iraq. The Americans should work on a partition strategy if they are looking for a long term peace. Three new nations make the Kurdish dream come true; make the Shia [...]

The Failure of the Geneva Peace Conference and Kurdish Progress

As an answer to Geneva II, the Kurds declared a self-rule canton of Jazeera on the first day of the conference and later declared other self-rule cantons of Kobani and Afrin. Thus, the Kurdish territory is divided over three cantons of self-rule. Whether the model is a sort of copy of Switzerland’s federal model or [...]

Iraqi Kurdistan´s election under undemocratic circumstances and control

Nevertheless, this result can hardly give the real picture of the people´s political interest due to the effects of the long- and short-term abuses.  A significant part of the people does not have the freedom to choose the candidates they might prefer. What could happen if the people were not bound to the ruling political [...]

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