The Iraqi syndrome and the options for peace

The brutal violence among the ethnic groups and the obvious division between the Kurdish north, Sunni triangle and Shia south are good reasons for partitioning Iraq. The Americans should work on a partition strategy if they are looking for a long term peace. Three new nations make the Kurdish dream come true; make the Shia […]

The Failure of the Geneva Peace Conference and Kurdish Progress

As an answer to Geneva II, the Kurds declared a self-rule canton of Jazeera on the first day of the conference and later declared other self-rule cantons of Kobani and Afrin. Thus, the Kurdish territory is divided over three cantons of self-rule. Whether the model is a sort of copy of Switzerland’s federal model or […]

Iraqi Kurdistan´s election under undemocratic circumstances and control

Nevertheless, this result can hardly give the real picture of the people´s political interest due to the effects of the long- and short-term abuses.  A significant part of the people does not have the freedom to choose the candidates they might prefer. What could happen if the people were not bound to the ruling political […]

Syrian Kurds are on the verge of genocide

The Al Nusra Front´s fatwa: “Kurds are Kufar (unbelievers) and killing Kurds, taking their women, plundering their property and destroying of their homes is just and fair.”

The Turkish “peace process”: suspicious, unspecific, and frail talks and steps

The Kurdish issue in Turkey requires concrete political options that can lead to Kurdish self-rule in Kurdish territory and active Kurdish participation in the Turkish central government based on the principles of democracy and minority rights. Some manner of self-rule and self-determination with proportional representation and a power-sharing system (or a federal system) with Kurdish […]

Syrians and Kurds need urgent help and protection

Based on this knowledge, the protection of the Syrian people, including the Kurds, from destruction, extremist ideologies, and the Assad regime is an international duty. This is why an international intervention, as the first stage, is urgent.

Turkish denial policy: Kurdish prisoners and people call for freedom

Powerful Western countries are also guilty with regards the political situation in Turkey, as they ignore Kurdish oppression, Kurdish questions, and support Turkey in its war against Kurdish partisans in the name of fighting terrorism. Thus, they are one way or another supporting the Turkish denial policy and the continuing oppression of the Kurds by […]

Post-Assad Syria Needs Recognition of Diversity in a New Political System

While the internal war between the Syrian regime and the oppositional Free Syrian Army is ongoing and the end of the al-Assad family´s power seems to be approaching, differences of opinion and purpose remain among the Syrian opposition political parties regarding the post-Assad political solution and system. Especially, the main part of the political parties […]

Iraq’s internal crises is a failure of the political system

Many Western and Middle East experts blame Iraqi leaders for the internal disputes and crises. Iraq’s political leaders are one of the reasons, but they are not the main cause. The crucial cause is the new political system, which has failed to address critical questions and key problems.

Turkey commits a massacre but rejects an apology

The victims were without weapons, were dressed in civilian clothes, and they had at least 20 mules. They used a known route. The PKK partisans may have use one or two mules at times, but they never use 20 mules, they do not travel without weapons, and they hardly use this familiar route

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